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Our elders make and sell a variety of crafts to help fund various functions that they attend throuought the year. The crafts are made by the elders and the prices vary from $5.00 and up. They will take requests to make various items. 

Please help to support our elders by purchasing a hand made item.

There are also paintings for sale. The artist Isabell Bara is very talented and will take requests for custom pieces. Some of her paintings can be seen below.


To purchas any of these items or to make an order for a custom item please call Conayt at 250-378-5107 and leave your name and number and one of our elders will call you back.


Here is a painting of wolves in the winter by Isabell Bara
Here we see two moose by Isabell Bara
Here is a very nice nature depiction by Isabell Bara
Here is a mountian lion done by Isabell Bara
Here is a small medicine bag made by our elders
Here is an example of earrings made by the elders.
Here we see a beaded keyholder
Here is a beaded necklace made by our elders
Here is a beaded heart pendant
Here we see a variety of small items that our elders make to sell.



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Our Elders Crafts